Bright bloke. Not known to gush. His mother in law loves him.  Fantastic at seeing the wood for the trees. Likes mountains. Dislikes  drama plus poor  punctuation.

High chancellor of the dark side. Never fudges her materiality, but always gets the accounts done in time. Part time sheep farmer.

Accountant and part time builder. Has a wealth of management accounting and systems knowledge and is being drawn towards the Lightside.

Psycho Tax Harpy.  Uncompromising on getting you to tow the line.  Has been known  to do empathy on occasion.

Fastest fingers in the West. If you can say it, Kath can type it. (Official title: Logistics support officer)

King of the KPI and First Lieutenant of the light side.  Formerly a lending controller with the big 4 so is brilliant in a scrap over lending.

A man with many waistcoats, Phil joined the BD team at the start of 2017 with a view to extending our reach in the world of sales. Phil does sales process, target setting and corporate accountability. Business growth, in other words. Enjoys long distance riding.  King of the dance floor.

Assistant to the light side. World class baker plus incredibly tolerant of middle aged blokes. Marathon runner.

A great accountant and all round good egg.  (Not nerdy) in spite of the photo.

Account manager. A goldmine of serious endeavour, and always positive.

Audit queen/ farming expert. ‘’A very personable young lady’’ per anonymous client.

Claire is a trainee accountant. Another DIY aficionado. Her toolbox being the envy of the Boy scout.

Formerly a biochemist who realised that numbers were more interesting than DNA.

A former banker. Business development Specialist Martyn professionally qualified commercial banker. Strong business development and Risk management skills. Learnt how to deal with life disappointments- Preston Fan

Trying desperately TO retire?....

Finally retired although makes cameo appearances periodically. You may find him at Screwfix or the gardens of Kingsland.

Sue fixes things. Particularly broken accounting systems. Simultaneously lovely and scary.


After a group reading of a book concluding that business is a stage, a number of "characters" have appeared:

The Editor
Of the Newsletter. A man who has to wade through treacle on a daily basis to find silver linings and missing commas.

Ms Whiplash
The doyen of solicitors and bank managers. Famed for her uncompromising attitude: "you've earned the money; now pay the tax". Read "The Whiplash Chronicles" for more information.

The Boyscout
Always prepared. Always organised.

The Bullybroad
Never misses a deadline. Even if it kills you.

Ex-Revenue. Infected with their new "empathy virus".