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Our monthly newsletters are a combination of items which we have come across during the preceding month which are relevant, amusing, hilarious, absurd, sad, extraordinary, bureaucratic, worrying, bizarre or daft. There is no rhyme or reason as to what is included except for the fact that I have noted it. We do not take requests and disclaim all and everything from most of the content. They are entirely a lighter side of the world of work with a few nuggets included.

We come in for a certain amount of flack for the appalling non-politically correct nature of the newsletter. This has cheered me up no end, as I was concerned nobody was reading it. Below is a link to the current newsletter as well as previous ones which are interesting to go back and review from time to time, if only to see that nothing changes, except taxes and one's age.

Some people say that the best reason for talking to us is the newsletter. Read it and weep.

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